Who is MacAfee and Edwards?

October 2, 2017

Our Group, Macafee & Edwards Inc, is a surplus lines broker in CA with an office in Tijuana, Mexico (Proteccion Tecnica Internacional). Our group is also part of the Protec Network with offices in several main cities of Mexico. We work for all Regional, National and International Agents/Broker, designing & implementing insurance programs and solutions for accounts with exposures in Mexico.

Our specialty are package policies where we can combine Property, Casualty and Miscellaneous exposures, under a single policy. We have different pograms and solutions for any type of insurance/bond need in Mexico. We can do mono-line or stand alone policies, among others, cargo insurance or crime insurance in Mexico.

For Personal Lines we have several solutions on line where you can buy our policies, in English and Spanish, for homeowners, autos & trucks north and south bound, foreign aircraft and boats visiting Mexico. Our staff is fully bilingual and bicultural, so we know our country well and understand local requirements, in order to advise you properly.

We thank all our clients and producers for the Mexican business that we get from you and encourage you to keep considering us when placing local admitted insurance in our country.