Life Insurance in Mexico

Regarding Life Insurance in Mexico, is very important how to fill out the application and tell the truth regarding the medical history of the insured, dates of birth etc… as some people request their policies when they know they have a terminal sickness death ahead and in case of such event, the insurance company can easy discover the lies on the application and certainly will deny coverage. Saying the truth will guarantee that if the insurer binds coverage anything ahead will be duly covered.

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Understanding Health Insurance in Mexico

Health insurance in Mexico covers individually (or a family policy) or being part of a group, expenses due to hospitalization due to sickness or to accident and includes doctors visits, medicines, lab studies, x rays & blood tests and surgery always and as long as the claim amount be over the deductible agreed in the policy. If there is a preexisting condition, the insured has to declare it in the application before insurance is in force and might be declined depending the specific case, but also since there are sickness and conditions such as pregnancy, that have a waiting period, some diseases even for more than 12 months, such as AIDS among others, all these questions have to be dully filled out.

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